After putting the roughage in the pit, you can cover your roughage within half an hour.

High roughage quality.

By optimally sealing your roughage airtight it is optimally preserved.

Uncomplicated system.

The system does not use big porches or platforms on your roughage.

The roughage sealing system by Silage Safe stands for quality.

Silage Safe offers an innovative roughage sealing system to optimally protect your roughage. It makes it possible to quickly and efficiently take silage in and out, without losing the airtight seal.


Are you curious about the way in which Belgian livestock farmer Xavier Renard seals his silage and his experiences with this way of sealing?  We asked Xavier Renard about his experiences with the Silage Safe sealing system.

With his wife, Xaviar Renard runs a dairy farm which also has a poultry branch. In 2013 he started the construction of a new dairy stable, which was taken into use halfway 2014. The stable offers room to 140 dairy cows. In 2013 two trench silos were built, after which several more trench silos followed in 2014. All these silos have been equipped with the Silage Safe sealing system in 2013 and 2014.

Watch the video at the side and be convinced of the advantages of the Silage Safe sealing system.


The feeding costs on dairy farms are the biggest component of the cost price. Gaining more and better roughage from your own acres is therefore becoming ever more important. The same can therefore be said about minimising the conservation and smoulder losses during sealing and unsealing the roughage.


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Advantages .

Sealing and unsealing your roughage is often very intensive and time consuming. Furthermore is the way by which the roughage is sealed influential in its quality.

Sealing your roughage airtight in a quick and efficient way is therefore very important. The Silage Safe roughage sealing system offers you the way to seal your roughage quickly, precisely and with minimal amounts of physical effort before it starts to rain.

Watch the video and let yourself be convinced.


When I want to cover my new trench silo of 80 meters with hoses and car tires it takes me a few hours. Now that I use the Silage Safe system I am able to seal my pit within an hour. Furthermore, opening the pit is much faster and applying a different type of cut is much easier.


We have a trench silo with a single dividing wall. The main problem is therefore the fact that water always seeps into the roughage. We also ran out of car tires that we used in the past. After looking at different options we chose for Silage Safe. The drains at the bottom of the pit perfectly drain of rainwater.


Why Silage Safe?

The Silage Safe sealing system makes it possible to seal and unseal your roughage in a quick, efficient and labour saving manner. This provides an optimum amount of conservation and a high roughage quality.